Mimaki CJV300-160Plus Spring Offer Image

Mimaki CJV300-160Plus

The Mimaki CJV300-160Plus solvent printer/cutter delivers high quality print at impressive speeds of up to 105.9m2/hour.

Combined with a range of clever features for unattended print operations, this powerful vinyl printer/cutter offers productivity at a seriously affordable price point.

Create a vast range of money-making applications with this truly versatile device, from vehicle wraps, to posters, to banners and so much more, so you can grow your business faster than ever before.

Mimaki CJV330-160 Spring Offer Image

Mimaki CJV330-160

Take your print business to the next level with Mimaki’s state-of-the-art CJV330-160 integrated solvent printer/cutter.

With impressive image quality, high productivity, and featuring numerous usability enhancements, you can achieve unparalleled performance on a wide range of applications from vehicle graphics, window decoration, backlits, posters, banners and more.

Mimaki’s flagship device has been specifically designed to meet and exceed the demands of a successful expanding print business, so you can maximise profits and deliver professional results that stand out.

Mimaki SWJ-320EA Spring Offer Image

Mimaki SWJ-320EA

Revolutionise your printing experience with this 3.2 metre-wide powerhouse, designed to meet the high demands of the price-sensitive super-wide format printing market.

With four high-speed staggered print heads and optional twin-roll feature, you can now print large format images for almost any sized surface, at print speeds of up to 137m2/h.

With hardware and ink prices kept low you can be sure to deliver the highest quality prints at the lowest possible operating costs, giving you that critical competitive edge.

Mimaki UCJV330-160 product image showing brightly coloured printout

Mimaki UCJV330-160

Deliver an endless array of applications with Mimaki’s most productive and creative integrated printer/cutter yet. The Mimaki UCJV330-160 offers unparalleled opportunity to produce unique and profitable print, whilst consuming significantly less power than alternative¬† latex and solvent solutions.

Stretch your creativity with headline features such as 5-layer printing, add tactile 2.5D effects and combine vibrant colour with white and clear ink onto myriad substrates to produce jaw-dropping output for your clients.

Mimaki UJV55-320 Spring Offer Image

Mimaki UJV55-320

Transform your print business with this sector-defining 3.2 metre super-wide UV printer. Competitively priced with low ink running costs, the UJV55-320 delivers superior quality and instantly-drying prints, so you can work faster and more profitably than ever before.

A versatile solution that delivers an almost unprecedented range of grand format sign & display applications, from POP displays, fleet wraps and billboards, to exhibition graphics, backlit signage and more.

The Mimaki UJV55-320 delivers speeds of up to 110m2/h, with a useful twin-roll feature, and includes a seven colour inkset that can be configured in 4-colour or 6-colour plus white.