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A rainbow display of sustainable textiles printed on a Mimaki textile printer

Going Green with a bluesign® certification

Guest Blog
How green certifications play a key role in reducing your business’ environmental impact
A Mimaki vinyl cutter shown with black vinyl with the word cut in relief

Plug the Productivity Gap in Your Sign Business with a Stand-Alone Vinyl Cutter

When you embark on launching or expanding your print business, the first hurdle often revolves around increasing sales demand. However, as your venture gains momentum you may find yourself struggling to keep up with the influx of orders. And there’s nothing more frustrating than watching print requests inundating your inbox while you wait for your printer to finish previous jobs.

An image of a person wearing a Mimaki DTF printed t-shirt with a brightly coloured graphic on the front

Direct-to-Film Printing Essentials: Your DTF Questions Answered

If you work within the printing industry, you’ve probably heard of DTF printing, or direct-to-film printing. And that’s not surprising, given its reputation as the most adaptable technique for garment and apparel printing available today. But have you delved into its full potential?

Colourama uses Mimaki's latest Tiger600-1800TS dye sublimation printer

Colourama Roars into 2024 with latest Mimaki Tiger Dye Sublimation Printer

How Polish textile printer, Colourama, is integrating Mimaki's new industrial dye sublimation printer; the Tiger600-1800TS, into its high production workflow.
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Back ink in suspension

The many benefits of using Mimaki SS21 solvent inks

Mimaki has long been famous for its SS21 solvent ink; a great all-rounder that has stood the test of time due to its vibrant colour reproduction and impressive durability.
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