Let’s Do More

Let's Do More ink cartridge recycling scheme

Hybrid estimate that this year alone, 40 tonnes of solvent ink cartridges could be taken out of landfill and recycled into new products.

As Mimaki’s exclusive UK distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd became the first wide format printer supplier to introduce a fully inclusive solvent ink cartridge recycling scheme linked to customer incentives. Hybrid’s ‘MORE’ programme benefits both the Mimaki printer owner and the environment with an innovative approach to a distributor led recycling scheme and has been in place since 2008.

Unique solvent ink recycling programme
Rebate linked recycling
Receive a free cartridge for every 45 returned
We take care of your cartridge disposal
Mimaki solvent ink cartridges can be recycled as part of Hybrid's rebate linked scheme, Let's Do More

Keeping our environment in full colour - together we can do more!

Hybrid’s unique ‘Let’s Do MORE’ rebate-linked solvent cartridge recycling scheme is all about delivering real world solutions to real world problems. We’ll recycle your used Mimaki solvent ink cartridges, responsibly dispose of any waste and re-purpose any materials that we’re able to, all at our cost. Not only does this remove a big burden of waste management from you, but for every 45 cartridges you return, we’ll give you a free one to say thanks for being part of the scheme!

It’s good for the environment and good for your business.

The following Mimaki cartridges feature the Hybrid ‘MORE’ label and are eligible for the scheme:

  • Mimaki SS21
  • Mimaki SS2
  • Mimaki HS
Mimaki solvent ink cartridges can be recycled as part of Hybrid's rebate linked scheme, Let's Do More

How can I do more?

It couldn’t be simpler to be a part of the Let’s Do MORE scheme and arrange collection of your cartridges…

  1. Securely package up your used cartridges in batches of 45 (only those cartridges displaying the ‘MORE’ sticker are eligible for collection, recycling and rebate)
  2. Fill out the form on this page (see below)
  3. Carefully follow the instructions you will receive by email.

We’ll be in touch to advise you of a collection date.

For obvious environmental reasons, we will typically try to consolidate collection of your ‘MORE’ labelled cartridges with other jobs in your area, so please place them to one side awaiting confirmed collection.

Arrange Collection

    As Mimaki's exclusive UK & Irish distributor, Hybrid is only authorised to supply and support machines in these countries.

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