Mimaki Window Graphics Printer produces attractive decor and commercial window decals

Window Graphics Printer

Discover Mimaki’s range of window graphics printers, that offer solutions for creating beautiful custom window decals for retail, décor and office use.

With the ability to create custom window graphics onto clear and coloured films, using instantly dry UV ink, Mimaki’s suite of wide format printers offer ease of use, and high levels of creativity thanks to incorporating clear and white ink in addition to vibrant process colours.

Create subtle textures, faux frost finishes, powerful branded window stickers in punchy colour or privacy enhancing graphics that give the impression of etched glass or simple window manifestations for health and safety purposes. With the ability to print to a wide range of materials, including easy apply and damage free products, Mimaki’s window graphics printers make window decoration a profitable new revenue stream for your business.

Choose from standalone Mimaki UV printers. incorporate a Mimaki vinyl cutter or choose an integrated Mimaki UV printer/cutter for a space saving and productive window graphics printing solution.

An office window showing Mimaki printed window graphics and manifestation


  • Range of window graphics printing solutions to suit budgets and requirements
  • LED UV ink dries instantly and offers numerous creative advantages
  • Window graphics and window decals are a popular revenue stream for sign and graphics print companies
  • Mimaki’s window graphics printers use very little energy resulting in low running costs compared to alternative technologies
  • White and clear inks offer limitless creativity for producing beautiful window decoration and manifestation

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