A Mimaki full colour 3D printed model of a house

Architectural Model Printer

The Mimaki architectural model printer offers elaborate and highly detailed modelling expression, thanks to its precision dot placement, proprietary technology and superior colour representation.

Realistic full colour reproduction of detailed designs is made possible through the architectural model printer’s 10,000,000 colours, 19 micron layer resolution and smooth finish. This results in accurate reproduction of 3D building models, prototypes and concepts produced for fit and form purposes, viability testing and 3D design approval.

“Mimaki’s architectural model printer delivers incredible detail and faithful representation of designs with its 10,000,000 colours and smooth finish.”

A Mimaki 3D full colour printed sports stadium model


  • Up to 10,000,000 colours
  • Clear and white ink increase creativity
  • As small as 19 micron layer resolution
  • Water-soluble support material makes complex shapes easy to process
  • Highly detailed output
  • Smooth finished surface

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