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Preparing your Mimaki for an extended break

When not using a machine for an extended period of time you should do one of two things:

  • Leave the machine on standby. Only turn off the machine at the front panel, leave the power switches at the side of the machine turned on as this is better for circulation. It is also advised to turn off any heaters (if available on machine), because they are unnecessary and could turn into a hazard without appropriate supervision.


  • Perform Custody Wash as described in the operation manual. For all machines, there is a section in the operation manual “When the machine is not used for a long time (Custody Wash)” which can typically be found in Chapter 4 – Maintenance.It is important to ensure there is plenty of ink in the machine to allow the cleanings to take place and that you empty the waste tank in advance. Should you have any questions, you should contact your reseller in advance of any required shutdown, or Hybrid’s Technical Services team.