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Preparing your Mimaki after an extended break

If your Mimaki printer hasn’t been used for a week or more, please complete the following procedure:

  1. Wipe over printer covers, table/bed ensuring no dust or debris remains.
  2. Check condition of any consumable filters and replace if necessary.
  3. Empty the Waste Ink.
  4. Check Ink Dates – replace if required.
  5. Perform “Disway Wash” as described in the User Guide.
  6. Perform “Daily Maintenance” as described in the User Guide.
  7. Finish with a “Normal Clean”.
  8. Print a Test Draw. If any nozzles are missing, please carry out appropriate actions as outlined below.
StepSymptomClean TypeAction
11 or 2 nozzles missingNormalTest Draw
2More than 2 nozzles missing, or Step 1 failed to resolveHard followed by SoftTest Draw
3Many nozzles missingSubtank / Overflow Maintenance followed by Normal CleanTest Draw
4Step 3 failed to resolveNozzle Wash 30min then repeat step 3Test Draw
5Step 4 failed to resolve
Email your reseller and advise that you have completed these steps. Please attach a photo of the Nozzle Test. 
Test Draw