AA Signs Save Time And Money

Whether you’re staging an event or planning a road closure, good traffic management is key. AA Signs is the leading provider of temporary road signs to the event industry, and install in excess of 60,000 signs per year.

Following the introduction of digital print technology and their in-house developed sign software, the company has significantly improved the quality and consistency of the temporary event signs they supply.

Their recent investment in a Mimaki CJV30-130 integrated printer / cutter forms part of a change of production process at their Belfast depot, enabling the company to produce an increased number of signs but with fewer resources. Previously the depot had used self adhesive lettering to make the signs – which is a very labour intensive process. The printer has now allowed them to convert all of their production away from that process by digitally printing in-position wording and symbols onto a single clear sheet.

Once printed, the sheet is laminated to an existing yellow background sign through a squeeze roller. The signs are used for short term, temporary use (typically around five days), so when the sign returns to the depot, the clear sheet is simply stripped off and the yellow background put back into stock. This has significantly reduced their production time, resulting in tangible labour and material savings.

Additionally, it has helped with the life expectancy of the rigid element of the sign as the clear sheet acts as a protection against dirt and damage when installed. On top of this, it also makes the base easier to clean when returned. Apart from the benefits to the production process, the faster, digital workflow has also enabled AA Signs to respond quickly to any emergency requests.

The Mimaki CJV30-130 is the 1.3m variant of Mimaki’s award winning integrated printer / cutter. Available in four sizes, the CJV30 combines an outdoor durable print with powerful cutting functionality. Mimaki’s exclusive UK and Irish distributor is Hybrid Services Ltd and AA Signs invested in their Mimaki through one of Hybrid’s authorised resellers; Belfast based Dennis D Evans.

AA Signs general manager, Andrew Banyard commented on their purchase, “It was important for us when deciding on suitable equipment to have a Belfast based company who could support us in all aspects of advice, set up and future customer support. In Dennis Evans we have found a perfect partner who has been fantastic in their initial advice and support since the equipment has been installed – and continue to impress us with their customer service and support. The team at Belfast have nothing but good words to say about the company and a measure of the success is how smooth the transition in process has been for us.”

Their future plans for the printer include being able to service some of the coloured symbols required by other depots on the mainland through utilisation of the new-found down time at their Belfast operation.