That’s a wrap!

What have a wheelie bin, a coffin, a garage door and a guitar got in common?

That’s right, they’re all capable of being ‘wrapped’. Vinyl wrapping is most commonly associated with vehicle liveries and graphics, which is a massive industry that continues to grow in popularity as new substrates with different effects are brought to market, new inks produce finishes such as metallic silver and not just commercial but the personal vehicle market expands. However, there’s a whole lot of wrapping going on aside from the vehicle kind.

The beauty of wrapping something in vinyl is that you can instantly and very cost effectively give something a completely new appearance. You can also personalise and create a unique look and feel of an item by digitally printing the vinyl prior to application and keep customers returning as vinyl is easily removed, meaning they can regularly update and replace it with something to suit their mood!

If you want to expand your business then think outside the box and look at all the wonderfully varied print wraps you can offer to customers… kitchen cupboards, light switches, drum kits, laptops, the list is endless.