Promotional Products Aplenty!

In a buoyant promotional printing market there is an ever expanding array of items being printed onto for the purposes of marketing collateral, exhibition giveaways and brand building and this is set to continue as new printing technologies are developed.

There are a number of key technologies that have contributed to the rising market in promotional printing. Mimaki’s introduction of printable primer has opened up a variety of more unusual materials to be printed to. Primer improves adhesion, cuts down pre-print processes and makes previously unprintable rigid items the perfect surface to lay down a logo or brand message. 

Mimaki’s UJF Series of desktop LED flatbed UV printer has add-ons, such as the Mimaki ‘Kebab’, which uses rotary rollers to assist with 360° cylindrical printing, opens up further bespoke printing opportunities onto sports bottles, candles, jars and many other items. The marketplace is endless if you think creatively about it.