Let your business shine with metallic UV ink

The release of Mimaki’s MUH-100-Si metallic ink for the UJF-7151Plus brings a strong competitive edge to Mimaki customers, allowing them to provide added value to the brands who use their services. The world’s first metallic UV ink is created by mixing a bright pigment into the ink, MUH-100-Si can place metallic ink directly onto the product without the need for a separate manual transfer process, as is the case when applying glitters or foils to produce a metallic effect. Decorative options such as printing both gloss and matte tones, texture expression with embossing effect, and full-colour metallic expressions can be achieved by printing coloured ink overlaid on metallic ink.

Historically, metallics have caused a challenge for hardware manufacturers with the ink prone to clogging nozzles. Mimaki Circulation Technology keeps ink particles from settling, providing an eco-friendly and economical approach to special colour printing. Without MCT, when using silver ink, pigment sedimentation can lead to nozzles becoming blocked and reducing print quality. However, with Mimaki’s Circulation Technology, sedimentation is avoided by circulating the ink at regular intervals within the printer, achieving stable ink delivery.

Mimaki’s metallic ink design achieves the maximum amount of light reflection by pigment particles lying flat against each other once cured, giving a really shiny effect and a uniform mirrored finish. MUH-100-Si is compatible with Mimaki’s LH-100 UV ink and prints at a compatible production speed, maintaining productivity, even for special effects printing. Create matte and mirror metallic effects with Mimaki Metallic Control (MCC), add the luxury of gold, silver or bronze colours to high-end print projects and add 3D textured design effects. This revolutionary new ink expands the creative horizons for UJF-7151 users.