Let’s hear it for Mimaki SS21 solvent inks

Mimaki has long been famous for its SS21 solvent ink; a great all-rounder that has stood the test of time due to its vibrant colour reproduction and lasting durability. Over the years, the SS21 ink range has expanded from CMYK to include light black, white, orange and metallic to offer a full spectrum of colours across far reaching applications. The outdoor durability of these inks is superb, with unlaminated prints lasting up to 3 years and that can be up to 5 if lamination is carried out. Like all of Mimaki’s ink ranges, the solvent inks are available in small cartridges for short runs and smaller production setups, but there’s a bulk ink system available that provides huge capacity and can be left unattended, even overnight.

Orange is a real benchmark colour for those in the sign and graphics industry, with orange branding, like those used by Easyjet and Harley Davidson, being notoriously difficult to reproduce. Mimaki has a dedicated orange ink within the SS21 solvent range that expands the colour gamut exponentially, meaning corporate colours can be accurately achieved and giving a 100% dedicated orange for safety signs.

The use of orange ink enables a much wider colour gamut, giving punchy and vivid colours for posters and PoS materials, especially in the food retail market where rich, warm red and orange tones are often used. Orange ink also ensures faithful colour representation and, when used as a process colour, can match 94.8% of the PANTONE colour chart with approximate colours, making it ideal for creating impact with corporate branding, along with improved spot colour reproduction.

Light black, light cyan and light magenta inherently produce smoother gradients and are great for pastel colours, but orange – it’s all about VIBRANT colours!

If you’re looking for other ways to add value to your printed output, making use of silver SS21 ink could be the answer. Although a fairly niche area, the demand for metallic decals and POS graphics is very much there and the eye-catching effects of shiny silver display graphics is growing in popularity. Silver ink is all about adding a bit of dazzle and bling to your offering. Customers perceive a metallic finish to be a premium product and providing decals or bespoke packaging that use a spot silver can really help print providers differentiate their product and adding to your profit margins as you go. You may already be offering promotional stickers and print & cut decals as part of your print repertoire, but watch your customers’ eyes light up at the sight of lustrous vintage motorcycle stickers or shimmering graphics for high-end brands. Sign and graphics providers can charge up to 30% more for metallic applications, which is worth considering.