Harness the power of print to help businesses reopen and reassure

Events so far this year have brought into sharp focus the importance of promoting your business; and whatever that business may be, the need to communicate, reassure and remind customers of the role that it plays in their lives has currently never been more critical.

With many companies now either reopening or ramping up their services, it’s also the perfect opportunity to help them create dialogue and project their business outwards – as for many customers, the prospect of re-engaging may be filled with mixed emotions. The excitement of returning to a favourite shop, hairdresser or restaurant will likely be intertwined with a nervousness about the whole experience, so positive communication before, during and after is paramount.

Print is the ideal vehicle for this. Capable of sitting alongside social media and online messages, it’s a physical reassurance that can go a long way. Be it new signage, décor, promotional items or giveaways, print can play a vital part in making a business stand out.

Mimaki’s UJF MkII flatbed LED UV printers are the ideal tool to deliver a diverse range of printed products, with direct to object printing offering a limitless array of items and substrates with which to decorate, brand and adorn with a company’s logo or message. Combining vibrant process inks with white, clear and even metallic options, the ability to apply a print to almost any item opens up a world of possibilities for the forward thinking printer, and this power should not be underestimated.

Delivering a batch of branded pens and a new printed acrylic counter sign for the local barbers may seem frivolous when compared to producing its social distancing communication, but the impact, reassurance and recall that these can bring to customers has huge value. As a printer, the capacity to offer a breadth of product keeps the customer close – and the opportunity to advise and inspire them with new ideas can help ensure you remain a trusted partner.

If you’re not already curating a diverse product range, now is as good a time as any to get things in order. It’s also worth remembering the need to sell it to your customer base, and whilst not everyone may be that archetypal gregarious and self-assured salesperson, demonstrating a passion and understanding of print and all its benefits probably counts for more! With businesses re-evaluating their marketing and promotional messaging, it could be a very opportune phone call or email that gives your customers fresh ideas and inspiration, that in turn, harnesses all the power of your printer.