BLOG: New Mimaki 330 Series solvent printers. Future tech – available now

We recently announced the latest from a 20 year-long heritage of producing industry leading solvent printers, the new 330 Series from Mimaki, which includes two notable machines: the JV330-160 solvent printer and the CJV330 solvent printer/cutter.

This pair of new printers is available now through our reseller partner network, and they offer significant advances to an already established technology. With Mimaki’s heritage in manufacturing dedicated solvent printers stretching back to the early 2000s with the launch of the sector-defining JV3, the latest iteration in the ‘3’ lineage is the 330 platform.

Mimaki has continuously developed its solvent print technology over this time, ensuring it’s been at the forefront of innovation, and the new 330 Series is no exception. Sign makers, print service providers and graphics professionals looking to invest in the latest models will see substantial productivity benefits and we’re delighted with the response we’ve had so far.

Big new features that reduce costs and improve productivity

Included as standard are a raft of powerful new features: a MBIS bulk ink system that takes 2 litre ink sacks, reducing running costs by around 25% as well as saving on single use plastic. Onboard storage of three rolls of materials saves storage, time and enables operators to quickly change to a different roll of media, and an inline X/Y cutter powers through post-print finishing, trimming artwork whilst the roll of printed media is still on the machine.

Incorporating features like these as standard are a great demonstration of Mimaki’s understanding of the sign and graphics industry. They free up the operator, reducing tasks such as trimming out posters and graphics panels, even something as simple as not having to return to the printer so often to replace inks, down to the huge supply from the MBIS – all will have a positive impact on productivity.

Competitively priced and including a two year warranty, RIP software and, on the CJV330, plugin cutting software that’s compatible with both Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator, the two new models are competitively priced – and a two year warranty gives real peace of mind. For ultimate productivity, pair up the JV330 printer with one of Mimaki’s high performance cutting plotters and simultaneously print and cut multiple jobs.

The technological innovations don’t stop with what’s immediately visible, with multiple proprietary Core Technologies included to further support minimal operator intervention, reduced wastage and high output quality. Mimaki’s latest imaging technology is Mimaki Weaving Dot Technology (MWDT) which optimises the firing order and combination of nozzles to aid the reproduction of smooth photographic images and vivid, deep colours. Mimaki is synonymous with high quality printing and MWDT combines numerous Core Technologies to deliver optimal results from the printer. Additionally, innovations like the Mimaki Remote Access app are designed to enable the operator to complete other tasks, with notifications provided via smartphone for remote monitoring.

Proven Mimaki solvent ink

Mimaki’s proven SS21 ink is supplied in 2 litre sacks and exhibits a long outdoor life, excellent scratch resistance and large gamut, covering 94.8% of Pantone colours, with an orange ink available for users that need to hit even the most demanding of corporate palettes. Print and cut on the one machine is possible with the CJV330-160 model making it ideal for producing large quantities of stickers, labels and decals. Ultimately, both machines are perfectly suited to the daily demands of a print service provider, delivering vehicle graphics, posters, banners, pull-ups, backlit graphics, décor and wallpaper, and much, much more.