A wooden box printed with a Mimaki UV printer

Wood Printing Machine

Show your customers some new interior décor creativity by introducing printed wooden doors and boards with Mimaki’s range of wood printing machines.

Mimaki’s substantial range of Flatbed printers offer wide format UV Printing solutions for printing direct to object and rigid media, such as wooden doors and table tops. Its ultra-high quality mid-format and popular 8’x 4’ flatbed solutions provide every opportunity to benefit from Mimaki’s unique LED UV technology.

With white ink, clear varnish and a printable primer, the opportunities to benefit from a Mimaki UV printer are almost endless.

Talk with our experts about how your business could introduce a wood printing machine to its product range today.

“With Mimaki’s wood printing machine you can be confident in your investment to open new revenue streams.”

A printed wooden coat hanger, gine bottle, package, headphones and dial - all produced with Mimaki UV printing technology


  • Print directly to wood, thanks to Mimaki’s unique cold cure LED UV technology
  • Deliver bespoke items for the interior décor market
  • Produce short runs of custom items
  • High print speeds for fast turnaround

Recommended printer

Mimaki UJF-6042 MkII e

Endless Possibilities, Instant Results.

Leverage ultra-creative, on-demand customisation with the Mimaki UJF-6042 MkII e small format flatbed LED UV printer