Mimaki cut sticker being peeled off the sheet

Sticker Cutting Machine

Mimaki’s range of sticker cutting machines include vinyl cutters like the CG-AR and CG-FXII Plus ranges, as well as integrated print and cut solutions like the popular CJV150 models.

Ideal for accurately and easily cutting printed stickers, decals and labels, these solutions include powerful plug-in software to enable the use of industry standard design packages for a quick and easy transition to inhouse sticker production.

Print your sticker design with registration marks generated in the free software and cut your sticker on the Mimaki vinyl cutter – ideal for one-offs, as well as short and long runs.

Mimaki’s sticker cutting machines have the ability to both kiss cut vinyl off the backing sheet as well as die cutting to shape the entire end product delivering either sheets of stickers, or a pack of pre-cut and shaped decals.

Mimaki printed and cut labels shown as a swing tag and a bottle label


  • Wide range of sticker cutting machines
  • Sizes from 60cm to 1.6m cut width
  • Dedicated vinyl cutters or integrated printer/cutter options
  • Unique die-cutting capability
  • Accurately produce short and long runs of stickers, labels and decals

Recommended printer

Mimaki CG-FXII Plus

Add speed and precision to your cut jobs with the CG-FXII Plus vinyl cutter range.

Available in three widths, these are powerful standalone cutters or make the ideal companion in a print & cut package.