Mimaki CJV150 Series Summer Offer

Mimaki CJV150 Series

The Mimaki CJV150 Series vinyl printer/cutter provides perfectly integrated, high performance print and cut workflow with Mimaki’s proven SS21 solvent ink.

Sporting fast printing speeds of up to 56sq m/h and technology that’s cascaded down from Mimaki’s industrial printing systems, it offers serious creativity coupled with impressive ease of use, to allow you to deliver a wider range of profitable applications than ever before.

With its compact footprint making it easy to house in most business environments, and supplied with software, ink and a powered take-up unit, the CJV150 vinyl printer/cutter is ready to make money from day one.

Mimaki CJV300-160Plus Spring Offer Image

Mimaki CJV300-160Plus

The Mimaki CJV300-160Plus solvent printer/cutter delivers high quality print at impressive speeds of up to 105.9m2/hour.

Combined with a range of clever features for unattended print operations, this powerful vinyl printer/cutter offers productivity at a seriously affordable price point.

Create a vast range of money-making applications with this truly versatile device, from vehicle wraps, to posters, to banners and so much more, so you can grow your business faster than ever before.

Mimaki CJV330-160 Summer Offer Image

Mimaki CJV330-160

Take your print business to the next level with Mimaki’s state-of-the-art CJV330-160 integrated solvent printer/cutter.

With impressive image quality, high productivity, and featuring numerous usability enhancements, you can achieve unparalleled performance on a wide range of applications from vehicle graphics, window decoration, backlits, posters, banners and more.

Mimaki’s flagship device has been specifically designed to meet and exceed the demands of a successful expanding print business, so you can maximise profits and deliver professional results that stand out.

Mimaki JV100-160 solvent printer

Mimaki JV100-160

High definition colour reproduction comes as standard, with the Mimaki JV100-160. Offering impressive speeds of up to 62.9m2/hour at an entry-level price, so you can affordably start or build your graphics business.

Despite the lower price tag, the JV100-160 is a powerful machine that offers eye-catching results.

Available in up to 8 colours, this versatile device can be easily paired with a Mimaki cutter, to seamlessly deliver a vast range of profitable print applications.

Mimaki JV300-160Plus Spring Offer Image

Mimaki JV300-160Plus

The Mimaki JV300Plus delivers photorealistic quality print at faster print speeds of up to 105.9m2/hour.

Fusing together a range of smart innovations for continuous print operations, this robust solvent printer offers extreme-volume productivity and good value for money.

You can produce an almost infinite range of profit-packed applications with this multi-talented device, from vehicle wraps, to posters, to decals and much more, so you can meet your customers’ growing demands.

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