Mimaki SWJ-320EA Spring Offer Image

Mimaki SWJ-320EA

Revolutionise your printing experience with this 3.2 metre-wide powerhouse, designed to meet the high demands of the price-sensitive super-wide format printing market.

With four high-speed staggered print heads and optional twin-roll feature, you can now print large format images for almost any sized surface, at print speeds of up to 137m2/h.

With hardware and ink prices kept low you can be sure to deliver the highest quality prints at the lowest possible operating costs, giving you that critical competitive edge.

Mimaki UJV100-160 UV printer

Mimaki UJV100-160Plus

Mimaki’s UJV100-160Plus LED UV printer offers a premium quality, productive, fast-drying, and versatile printing solution. It’s the perfect solution to deliver profitable print results in unique and imaginative ways.

With a print resolution of up to 1,200dpi and a production speed of up to 23m2/h, the UJV100-160Plus can print onto a vast range of coated and uncoated media. And by using instantly curable UV ink, jobs can be printed, shipped and installed the same day.

Importantly, businesses will benefit from ultra-low running costs, thanks to huge energy-efficiency and an innovative ink saving function.

Mimaki UCJV300-160 LED UV printer/cutter

Mimaki UCJV300 Series

Bring your creative vision to life with the Mimaki UCJV300 Series, designed specifically for print professionals needing superior performance, productivity, and versatility in one integrated UV print and cut workflow.

With three different print widths available (75cm, 107cm and 160cm) these powerful devices print at up to 25.8m2/hr and at a resolution of up to 1,200dpi on an almost unlimited range of roll-to-roll media.

The Mimaki UCJV300’s instantly drying UV ink enables same-day print production for fast turnaround delivery on last minute jobs.

Mimaki UCJV330-160 product image showing brightly coloured printout

Mimaki UCJV330-160

Deliver an endless array of applications with Mimaki’s most productive and creative integrated printer/cutter yet. The Mimaki UCJV330-160 offers unparalleled opportunity to produce unique and profitable print, whilst consuming significantly less power than alternative¬† latex and solvent solutions.

Stretch your creativity with headline features such as 5-layer printing, add tactile 2.5D effects and combine vibrant colour with white and clear ink onto myriad substrates to produce jaw-dropping output for your clients.

Mimaki UJF-3042Mk II e Spring Offer Image

Mimaki UJF-3042 MkII e

The Mimaki UJF-3042 MkII e offers an almost infinite range of customisation possibilities on items up to 153mm thickness, at an impressive speed of up to 38 A4 sheets per hour. So you can create unique, personalised and profitable gifts, promotional items, small-scale signage, industrial goods and much more.

Including Mimaki’s Fine Diffusion (MDF2) processing for exceptional print quality, and the option to 360 degree print around cylindrical objects. Plus built-in primer and support for integrated in-line production printing.

Get ready to exploit new revenue streams with this remarkable fully-featured customisation device.

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