Mimaki UV printed gauge and dials

Industrial Printer

Deliver print as part of a manufacturing process, at high quality and harness all the benefits of Mimaki’s industrial printing heritage with solutions suitable for a wide range of industrial printing applications.

Mimaki’s market-leading range of industrial printers deliver long lasting, highly accurate and photo quality print onto almost any material, making them the obvious choice for demanding, industrial printing applications. Whether print is required as part of a manufacturing process, or as a decorative element, Mimaki can print onto almost any material through its wide variety of solutions.

From accurately reproducing technical information, creating high quality dials and gauges, printing components or simply adding colour or image to metal, glass, plastic or wooden objects, a Mimaki industrial printer is capable of adding significant value to your process.

Talk with our experts about how your business could introduce industrial printing to its product range today.

“Mimaki’s industrial printer range leverages all the benefits of digital technology to deliver print for almost any application”

Mimaki UV printed backlit dials


  • Choice of machines to suit all budgets and production requirements
  • Unrivalled knowledge and experience in the industrial printing sector
  • Produce printed elements of manufacturing in house and reduce costs and turnaround times
  • Minimise inventory with a digital industrial printing workflow
  • Retain control and competitive advantage by printing within your manufacturing process

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