Mimaki printed glass splashback

Glass Printing Machine

Mimaki’s award-winning digital printing technology and inks allow you to print directly onto glass, including splashbacks and tiles. Produce a whole range of creative interior design pieces easily and at fast speed, knowing Mimaki’s printable primer will give you the adhesion you need. Mimaki’s range of flatbed printers utilise white ink to ensure vivid colours are achievable on clear glass.

Mimaki’s tried and tested, LED UV flatbed printers deliver glass printing capabilities to your business, so that you can easily introduce a whole range of bespoke printed interior products to generate new profits. With no start-up costs or lead times, plus a super-fast turnaround, you’ll soon become a ‘go to’ place for any company looking for custom-made kitchen and bathroom glassware.

  • Automatic primer option for applying primer only to the areas required and giving excellent adhesion.
  • White ink for vibrant reverse printing.
  • Creative ink effects including clear and embossed finishes
  • Up to 1,200dpi print quality for professional photo quality images
  • Talk with our experts about how your business could introduce printed glass to its product range today.

“With Mimaki’s flatbed printers you could very quickly and easily be offering a bespoke glass printing service to the interior design sector and with Hybrid’s training and support services, you can be confident in your investment”


  • No start-up costs (no screens, pads, films or separations required)
  • Ultra-low running costs
  • Perfect for short – medium run production
  • Use same machine for printing on other items to cross-sell to your customers
  • Latest low-energy LED UV ink technology
  • Be in control of the production process from start to finish

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