A figurine printed in full colour with a Mimaki 3D printer

Figurine Printer

Mimaki’s figurine printers offer a unique approach to creating lifelike, 3D models in full colour and fine detail thanks to the their precision dot placement, proprietary technology and superior colour representation.

Delicate textures, a smooth surface and thin layers can be created to ensure that 3D figurines are faithfully reproduced, and the use of colour profiling delivers accurate results every time.

Clear ink for the Mimaki figurine printer allows transparent elements to feature in models, broadening the creative opportunities for 3D characters.

“A Mimaki 3D figurine printer adds the ability to produce creative and highly detailed 3D models in-house.”

A figurine printed in full colour with a Mimaki 3D printer


  • Up to 10,000,000 colours
  • Clear and white ink increase creativity
  • 22 micron layer resolution
  • Water-soluble support material makes complex shapes easy to process
  • Highly detailed output
  • Smooth finished surface

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