Hybrid to debut award-shortlisted Mimaki 3D printer at TCT 2018

This year’s TCT Show will see the UK and Irish launch of Mimaki’s 10 million colour 3DUJ-553 3D printer on the stand of its exclusive distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd, as the new machine is short-listed for the Hardware Award – Polymers by the TCT Expert Advisory Board.

Commercially available since Spring 2018, the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 3D printer is unique in its capabilities, with the ability to produce unprecedented colour detail in layers as fine as 19 microns. Of the many different approaches to 3D printing, the Japanese manufacturer has chosen to adopt one where the printer jets and instantly UV-cures tiny droplets of liquid photo-polymer. Fine layers accumulate on the build tray to create precise 3D models or parts and where overhangs or complex shapes require support, the printer jets a removable support material.

The Mimaki 3DUJ-553 features a maximum build size of 50 x 50 x 30cm, which is larger than comparable 3D printers and offers white ink, as well as a clear ink that can be mixed with colours to add transparency to the printed product. Its water-soluble support material eliminates the need for manual work to cut tags or other support structures and allows even the most intricate designs to be realised.

The TCT Awards celebrate the innovators, technologies and collaborators behind the leading examples of additive manufacturing, 3D printing, design and engineering across the globe and the ceremony will take place during the exhibition in Birmingham this September.

“We are honoured to be considered for this prestigious award for our unique 3DUJ-553 full-colour 3D printer,” says Danna Drion, Marketing Manager EMEA at Mimaki Europe. “This innovative system was also nominated for the Innovation of the Year for the 3DPI Awards 2018 and was granted a prestigious EDP Award 2018 for the Best 3D Additive Full Colour Printer. The breadth of these awards and award nominations reflects how unique this printer truly is, and we are pleased with the industry recognition it is garnering.”

Hybrid has installed a Mimaki 3DUJ-553 in its centrally located showroom to enable prospective customers to audition the machine in the UK. “The TCT Show provides a unique opportunity for interested parties to see the output quality and potential of the new Mimaki,” says the company’s Chief Operations Manager, Brett Newman. “This will be the first public showing of the printer in the UK and we’re looking forward to discussing its potential with the industry and how it can open up many new opportunities where FOGRA or SWOP colour matching is important.”

Mimaki has a long-standing pedigree in delivering high quality wide format roll fed and flatbed printers and the move into 3D harnesses much of its expertise. “The 3DUJ-553 incorporates many of the facets for which Mimaki is highly regarded and builds upon its peerless reputation as a manufacturer of high end inkjet devices,” confirms Newman. “Visitors will be able to appreciate the diverse range of applications and output capable with this printer and better understand how it could benefit their business.”

With the ability to match around 84% of FOGRA 39L colours and 90% of the SWOP gamut, the Mimaki 3D printer uses an output ICC profile to print highly accurate colours. When designers combine this with running the ICC profile within Photoshop, output colours can be simulated on screen, making colour adjustment simple – saving time and money by avoiding test prints.

“Mimaki has been a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers for more than four decades and is now bringing its proven, proprietary technology and strong technical background to the 3D market,” describes Newman. “With an extensive commitment to R&D and strong relationships with its global network of long-established partners such as Hybrid, we’re collectively ensuring each customer is provided with robust technology that delivers high machine uptime, matched with equally high levels of support.”

“The TCT Show provides us with a platform to launch a significant product in Mimaki’s history and we’re delighted with the recognition and award nominations it’s already receiving within the industry,” he concludes.