2 Year Gold Warranty on Mimaki’s award-winning UJF-7151plus

Mimaki’s UK and Irish distributor, Hybrid Services has announced an enticing 2 year Gold warranty on the Mimaki UJF-7151plus production LED UV flatbed printer until the end of March for companies looking to invest in Mimaki’s award-winning technology.

The Mimaki UJF-7151plus is a mid-format flatbed printer that features exceptionally detailed output coupled with low running costs. With a 710x510mm bed size and industrial construction; consistently high print quality is ensured, making it appealing to screen printers looking for a digital solution that can increase their flexibility as well as quality.

“The UJF-7151plus is an ideal option for those in the promotional printing industry that are looking to both increase their production capability, but also deliver photographic quality,” explains Hybrid’s Chief Operations Manager, Brett Newman. “The UJF-7151plus offers a unique solution; its distinctive size, industrial design (including the larger 1 litre ink bottles) along with cutting edge features such as Logical Seek which increases speeds by advancing the print head when printing files that include areas of white space, set it apart. Now with an extended 2 year gold warranty available until the end of March, it’s a great time to invest.”