Heckford Advertising Upgrades To New Mimaki JV5

Heckford Advertising has chosen to replace its existing Mimaki JV5-160S wide-format printer with the same model, reaping the benefits of using the new, eco-friendlier SS21 inks combined with the 1.6m system’s superior print speeds.

Supplied by i-Sub Digital, the new JV5-160S unit’s SS21 ink means Heckford Advertising no longer needs to use a carbon filter for printroom ventilation. Furthermore, the 100 per cent recyclable packaging used in the bulk ink system has cut the amount of waste the Preston-based print and marketing business sends to landfill, as well as the time spent replacing ink cartridges.

Pawel Dunaj from Heckford Advertising explains that the new investment has provided a more comfortable working environment compared to the previous HS3 inks, and is also expecting to see even better running costs.

“The new JV5 with bulk SS21 inks has been a real improvement for us. I can safely say there are almost no fumes or odour and we no longer need a carbon filter,”

says Dunaj. “The bulk ink system is also useful because we don’t need to replace the inks as often.

“We can enjoy print speeds up to 40 square metres per hour on PVC banners in conjunction with the Mimaki RasterLink RIP software, at great quality.”

Kettering-based wide-format reseller i-Sub Digital also supplied Heckford Advertising with its first Mimaki JV5 printer. Director of i-Sub Digital, Andy Spreag, comments: “We are delighted have supplied Heckford Advertising with their new Mimaki JV5-160. It’s nice to have clients return to you for further investment and demonstrates that offering great service and support does make a difference and ensures business relationships go on for many years.”

He adds: “It is also a great testament to the JV5 printer that a respected company like Heckford have chosen to purchase the same machine as they did six years ago, and demonstrates that Mimaki JV5 technology is still offering fantastic print quality at the fast production speeds normally associated with grand-format machines – and now offers a choice of inks that have a lower impact on the environment.

“The new JV5 has been installed with the Mimaki MBIS bulk ink system running Mimaki SS21 solvent inks, which are supplied in 2-litre eco-sacks which means as there is no plastic cartridge to dispose of after the ink has been used nothing goes to landfill. In addition to this the ink sacks are supplied in 100 per cent recyclable packaging, making the impact on the environment even more effective than traditional cartridge-based ink systems.”

The Mimaki JV5 roll-to-roll inkjet printer is available in 4-colour (CMYK) or 6-colour (CMYK, Lc, Lm) configurations, running four printheads with eight channels each to create top-quality prints at speeds up to 54 square metres per hour. Offered with a choice of Mimaki HS3 or SS21 solvent and ES3 eco-solvent inks, the JV5 can meet a range of needs.

“Mimaki’s SS21 outdoor durable inks combine excellent creative attributes with low odour and strong media adhesion,” says John de la Roche, national sales manager for Mimaki’s exclusive UK and Irish distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd.

“Our customers are fortunate in that they have a choice of three Mimaki outdoor-durable solvent inks and the SS21 option is by far the most popular. It is quick drying, has excellent light fastness and durability, exhibits a superb colour gamut and adheres to a very broad range of materials so Heckford Advertising’s recent investment will stand them in very good stead.”