A New Addition The Newmor Studio

Newmor announces the arrival of a new 1.6m wide Mimaki LED UV digital printer to its in-house design studio based at their offices in Welshpool. 

Newmor Wallcoverings Limited is a Division of the Newmor Group. Other member companies include Dixon Turner Interior Surfaces and the Morland divisions. Established in 1967, Newmor Wallcoverings is the largest independent contract wallcoverings manufacturer in the UK, distributing its product ranges to over 40 countries worldwide, with offices based in UK, Poland, Dubai and Singapore along with a global distribution network.

The company’s recent investment in the 1.6m wide Mimaki UJV-160 LED UV printer from reseller, Graphic Printing Technologies was commissioned to complement their two existing Mimaki printers.

The three Mimaki digital printers within the Newmor Studio, coupled to state of the art AVA CAD/CAM design, separation, colouring and print software allow the studio to not only create new product ideas for Newmor Group but also offer a bespoke design service to both Dixon Turner Interior Surfaces and Newmor Wallcoverings clients. It is a commission design studio which is closely integrated into the company’s main manufacturing facility, allowing the studio’s designers, print technicians and colourists to work closely with the production printing team. This gives a great sense of continuity to any design project – from initial design concepts right through to bulk production.

Remarking on their longstanding relationship with Mimaki’s exclusive distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd, design manager, Suzanne Edwards, points to the importance of technical backup when investing in digital hardware. “We’ve experienced a very high level of support from Hybrid in recent years and the way technical calls are handled has really helped us integrate the new technology into how we work in the studio.”

Manufacturing Capabilities

Newmor is fortunate to have not only an in-house design studio that can create digital output alongside their gravure printed work, but also a totally integrated production facility that manufacturers all wallcoverings. The company is predominantly a vinyl printer and the substrate is produced by taking either a woven fabric or paper backing, and applying liquid vinyl to it to make the substrate.

This can play as important a role in the finished product as the print itself, and an emboss adds texture, enables light to reflect and completely alters the look and feel of the product. An emboss is created using a deeply textured roller but it’s an expensive additional process with the roller costing upwards of £10,000. It therefore means that ensuring a design is going to sell is crucial. Suzanne remarks on how the continued thinking at the company is the importance of investing in quality design. “We are committed to remaining design led,” she says, “and making sure that we’re continually launching new and innovative product. Our print, design and development of new textures keep Newmor successful, current and winning the big contracts.”

Creative collections

The collections from Newmor are spectacular in both their variety and creativity. The latest collection, Vogue, boasts designs featuring “…a stunning mix of modern geometrics, dramatic classic damasks, elegant floral trails and subtle, understated textures.” Such a range will include highlight feature pieces that can be used either on their own or in groups with other complementary designs, giving the commercial designer great flexibility and inspiration.  

How these wallcoverings are then produced will depend upon run length, colour requirements and the timescales of the project. Suzanne recalls a job where a substantial commercial contract was taken from design through to installation in under two weeks – which considering it required the production of cylinders by their engraver was quite a feat. The role that the Mimaki digital printers played in that project was key. Design, sampling and colourway approval were immediate as it’ was possible for the client to make changes and see them printed on the base material instantly, at a quality and colour almost identical to production.

Recent work includes the first batch run on their brand new Mimaki UJV-160 for an international chain of pubs and hotels. Indicative of future work for the client; it comprised a feature wall area within a restaurant, bringing a striking geometric tile design to refresh the surroundings with a real statement.

The digital printing capabilities within the Newmor Studio allow Dixon Turner to host their online colouration service, YouChoose for its clients.YouChoose has over 200 designs readily available for the client to colour “as they wish” allowing them to design and specify bespoke wallcoverings to suit their needs.

For more information on the Newmor Group please visit www.newmorgroup.com.