Trends and Applications in retail PoS

The drive for the instore environment to offer an ever more pleasing shopping experience is leading to retail chains investing more heavily in the graphics and displays used to create this.

As such, printed textile point of sale is the big trend setter at the moment, with new substrate technology producing a wide selection of finishes that are tactile and practical. Smaller retail outlets are demanding the same style and quality of graphics as the larger, high street brands and there’s a real requirement for this type of print, both small and large. The move away from rigid output in PoS graphics has opened the door for backlit technology, which is a trend that’s set to continue.

The innovative Mimaki UCJV300 series LED UV roll-to-roll printer cutter is an ideal choice for producing point of sale applications because of its versatility. With technology such as the UCJV300, print providers can offer an extended service to their existing client base.

One of the real strengths of the Mimaki UCJV300 series is that it can fulfil all the everyday requirements for a signmaker – such as prints onto vinyl, banner or paper, whilst also putting them into the market for the production of lightbox displays with its ability to print to backlit fabrics. It has a relatively low cost of entry and with a maximum 1,600mm print width, can provide quite substantially sized backlit displays for retail use, or even frontlit fabrics that fit within tension graphics systems. These graphics are easy to transport, quick to change on site and when used with illumination, provide an attractive ambient light source as well.