Sunglasses at the ready

How neon colours are shaping the mountain bike dress code.

Some sports are a sucker for staying on trend when it comes to clothing and accessories. The current boom in cycling extends far beyond road cyclists pedalling in the pro peloton’s tyre tracks – the discipline of mountain biking continues to flourish with a dress code all of its own.

Having progressed from earthy, camouflage tones for shorts, jerseys and backpacks to a bewildering mix of almost any bright colour paired with deep, dark black in recent years; the current palette comprises spectacular fluorescent shades of luminous yellow, cerise pink, vibrant green and piercing cyan. Doubtless fuelled by our fashionable continental cousins; stop at any forest trailhead or downhill track around the UK and you’ll see cyclists of all ages dressed top to toe in the very latest brightly coloured gear. In fact; you won’t be able to miss them…

As fashions change so rapidly, so does the need to deliver on-trend attire. It’s called ‘fast fashion’ for good reason and digital print plays a vital role in its creation. Mimaki’s latest fluorescent inks for the hugely popular Mimaki TS300P-1800 Dye Sublimation Printer mean it’s never been easier to match your polyester output with the market – be it custom apparel, event flags and branding or promotional items.

Don’t let the fact the super-bright prints will be covered in mud by the end of the day dissuade you in looking at it more closely – just make sure you’ve got your sunglasses on when you do!