Let’s think about ink!

Mimaki has long been at the forefront of print technology when it comes to hardware, having a heritage that dates back to the 1970’s, but its breadth and pedigree of inks is well worthy of discussion as Mimaki continues to pioneer the way with new ink types and special effects. A company that is never at rest, Mimaki is continuously developing new technologies in inks, hardware and software, not just because they can but because there is a drive to move the industry forwards.

Like the rest of its product portfolio, Mimaki’s ink collection is extensive, covering solvent, eco solvent, UV, sublimation, textile pigment, acid dye, disperse and reactive options. The first thing to establish when matching a product to a person or business is what sort of applications are going to be produced. Matching the right printer is only the first step in that process, as the inks are inextricably linked to the process and end result.

But that’s not all we need to get to grips with. Production and productivity are pivotal to understanding the volume of inks required when investing in a printer. Does your anticipated production capacity match a 440ml cartridge or do you need to consider a more substantial setup like a bulk ink system? The benefit of having a demonstration at Hybrid’s showroom or with one of our specialist Reseller Partners is that you can establish the right ink for your application and then match your production levels to the right ink sizes.

For example, when investing in a Mimaki UV printer you can match anticipated print volume to different sizes of inks. Standard sized 1l bottles are ideal for busy small to mid-format UV flatbeds like the UJF MkII series, but there is the option of going smaller, with 250ml bottles being ideal in situations like when primer or varnish are required but aren’t being used all the time, avoiding waste. Grand format UV kit, like the JFX500 flatbed, has a sturdy bulk ink system for longer print runs and production capacity. Match the ink to the machine, but also the required productivity!