It’s all about creating the wow factor!

Fluorescent colours are definitely ‘on trend’ in the sportswear market at the moment.

Using neon inks for dye sublimation printing onto polyester adds value and vibrancy to bespoke, quality products and offers the additional safety feature of enhancing visibility to sports garments for running, cycling and other outdoor pursuits that, through the winter, are often carried out in dark and dull weather. Mimaki’s yellow and pink neon inks are perfect for enhancing team kits for cycling, swimming and gymnastics competitions. 

The array of applications possible with the new neon inks opens up options for creating fashion trends, but also in retail with attention grabbing display graphics. Brand owners and sponsors can make a colourful impact with clout to add to apparel and soft signage in a variety of industries and settings. It’s all about creating the wow factor!