GUEST BLOG: Benefits of 3D Printing Architectural Models

Traditional architectural models would have historically been made by hand, with many of it’s features being produced in foam, plastic or even wood.  However, with the advancements in 3D printing technology we are able to create a 3D printed architectural model at a fraction of the cost with much quicker time-scales, compared to traditional methods.

With architects now designing their work largely in 3D software, this makes transforming a digital model into a physical 3D print extremely straightforward. Benefits of using 3D printing technology within the architecture sector include:

  • Cost Effective – materials used in the 3D printing process are cheaper than that of traditional methods
  • Faster Timescales – the production process can happen overnight without being manned
  • Reproducibility – 3D prints can be easily reproduced with various iterations throughout the design process of an architecture project
  • Fine Details – our range of technology can produce extremely detailed models on a minute scale

Our latest investment in technology is the Mimaki 3DUJ-2207, as a result of our colourful new partnership with Hybrid Services. This machine is perfect for creating intricate 3D printed architectural models, with photorealistic results. Features include:

  • Advanced 3D print technology – using LED-UV curing technique
  • Over 10 million colours – for accurate colour reproduction
  • Superior modelling quality – with high resolution up to 1200dpi for unmatched detail
  • Translucent effects with clear ink – perfect for representing glass features

Check out this miniature model produced on the Mimaki 3DUJ-2207. The process of creating this 3D printed model was streamlined immensely due to this machines capabilities. We were able to print this piece as one whole print, rather than numerous portions which would have been later assembled together – you can see the finer details achieved on this print despite it’s scale below!

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