Grow your business with high value print products

Mimaki has long been a market leader for direct-to-object digital printing technology and products, such as the new UJF-MkII series small-format LED UV flatbed or the larger JFX200 series, give print providers plenty of opportunity to incorporate high value printed items into their offering. 

Printing direct-to-object opens up a world of personalised and bespoke products, whereby end users can request a specific design or their name be printed to an item, making it unique to them. The Mimaki UJF MkII is perfect for printing individual items or small batches because it can handle variable data and print highly efficiently on small runs. This isn’t just the case with individuals though, as many businesses large and small invest substantial funds into the production of branded marketing collateral. Whoever it’s intended for, adding print to a product adds value and if you can offer something a bit unique, like embossed effects or spot varnish, it will increase profits. 

Mimaki has a great selection of UV inks that produce stunning effects and enable very creative opportunities. Mimaki’s clear varnish is perfect for spot varnish or creating an embossed effect which automatically makes a products look more desirable. White ink enables reverse printing whilst ensuring vibrant colours and this opens up a whole host of creative opportunities such as printing wedding photos onto acrylic blocks or wall-mounted panels, as well as other bespoke interior décor items including glass splashbacks and tiles. 

It is easier than you may think to get into higher value printed products and with products like Mimaki’s UJF MkII series there are no start-up costs other than the initial hardware investment, short lead times and you retain control of the process from start to finish. It’s about being creative with inks and effects and thinking outside the box in terms of what products can actually be printed onto. Mimaki has a printable primer option which means materials that were previously tricky to print onto directly now have excellent adhesion.