Go full circle and print bottles, cans and tubes

Until recently, printing direct-to-object with LED UV flatbed technology has been reserved for predominantly flat surfaces as the print quality deteriorates as the print head gets further away from the object on the curve.

However, Mimaki’s ‘Kebab’ system allows 360° rotational printing to cylindrical objects such as bottles, tins and candles which opens up a whole new revenue stream in direct-to-object printing, removing the need to print, cut and then apply a label, which increases productivity and gives a better quality finish. 

Suitable for use with Mimaki’s UJF-6042 and UJF-3042HG, the kebab utilises the  printer’s ultra-high levels of registration, rotates the item in unison with the head carriage and, following artwork setup, a perfect print completely encapsulating the cylindrical object can be achieved. Taking advantage of a combination of Mimaki’s opaque white ink and vibrant process colours, a vibrant layered print onto glass or other clear material is a simple task that can drive strong revenue.

The ability to print direct to the actual item means for packaging proofing purposes, it’s a unique offering that has incredible value to brands seeking to prototype new packaging ideas. Within the promotional and giftware sector, printers are now able to offer something totally different – quite literally adding a whole new dimension to personalisation.