Considering buying a new flatbed? Here’s why it should be an LED UV printer

Flatbed printing offers a huge variety of options

Using LED UV cured inks is the technology of choice for savvy sign makers and forward-thinking graphics companies who are flatbed printing onto rigid or flexible substrates. Why? Because every single aspect of the technology delivers a business benefit that you can use to win new customers, deliver better and more creative work and lower your costs  

Lower your costs

LED UV printer lamps consume 75% less power, reducing the amount of electricity you use. They’re also warranted for 5,000 hours of use, so no replacement costs for up to 5 years! 

Get creative and win new business

With printable primer, excellent ink adhesion is possible even on tricky materials such as glass and metal. With a flatbed LED UV printer you can produce profitable, high-end glass splashbacks for bespoke kitchens, or wow your customers with personalised slate house plaques. It’s about letting your imagination run wild!

White ink, clear varnish and vibrant process colours all add up to the capability to print onto transparent as well as coloured materials, meaning you can sell a wider range of products and take advantage of new opportunities. 

Choose an option that’s easy to use

As no heat is generated by LED UV printer lamps, your choice of media is greater in comparison to metal halide hot lamp machines, plus there’s no downtime for regular lamp replacements. You don’t have to waste time and productivity because there’s no heat up or cool down delays. 

Get your green credentials

Using LED UV lamps cuts carbon emissions and C0² by 75%, eradicates Ozone and makes for a healthier and more pleasant working environment for you and your team. 

Futureproof your business

If you’re questioning the capability of your current flatbed printer, or you want to dip your commercial toe in the flatbed printing waters, now could be the right time to investigate alternatives that will benefit your business for years to come.

Mimaki has manufactured LED UV printers for over 10 years, and LED UV cure technology sits at the heart of Mimaki’s multi award winning line-up, so is rightfully regarded as a market leader with proven technology that’s not only won awards the world over, but is used by thousands of businesses to great effect.

Best-selling printers such as the 8’ x 4’ Mimaki JFX200-2513 use LED UV cure inks. From a standing start just two years ago, the JFX has rapidly become the number one flatbed, using trusted LED UV technology.


for sign and graphics companies, from the time-saving benefits of printing direct-to-board to the many bespoke and creative interior decoration products that can be printed.