Commercial print diversification and why it’s worth investing in hardware

Whilst trade printers play a valuable role, investing in hardware for commercial printing in-house has a number of benefits.

Anything that speeds up your workflow will have a positive outcome on your turnaround and keeping things internal rather than relying on an external company to fulfil an order allows you to retain control of all aspects of the process. This ensures you can control the quality of the printing and finishing, meet deadlines set by your clients and also make any necessary alterations the client may stipulate part way through a job. There’s also a cost saving element from not having to pay a trade printer to complete the work for you, which will have a positive impact on your profits.

There are other positives to be had by investing in the right hardware. Combined printer/cutters such as the Mimaki UCJV300, give you the speed and quality for a diverse range of commercial print applications, and increase the range you can offer across the board, allowing diversification into other areas, such as textile printing for light box displays. This not only keeps your existing customer base coming back to you for all their print requirements, but brings in new business too.

Other hardware options, such as the Mimaki UJV55-320 grand-format, roll-to-roll, UV printer, allow businesses to diversify into super-wide printing up to 3.2m wide, and give enough flexibility to keep the machine in a full schedule. Its twin roll feature makes conventional wide format print output very easy, but its print quality, size and productivity lend itself to larger output in high quantities, broadening your options for new business or even offering a trade print service yourself.