A branded mug with a cappuccino and a coffee stencil

Cardboard Crafting with a Mimaki Desktop Cutter

Creative Paper Crafting made Easy

The Mimaki CG-60AR desktop cutter stands out from conventional models. Its sheet table, cardboard cutting blade, and line marking gauge for folding make it perfect for creating packaging and papercrafts.

Mimaki’s desktop-sized CG-60AR desktop cutter may be small in size, but the possibilities are limitless. Our video shows how simple it is to use custom cutouts from your own designs to create an attractive bespoke coffee stencil, perfect for personalising your morning cappuccino!

For those looking to upgrade their current cutter, the Mimaki CG-60AR is equipped with the power, speed, and adaptability to effortlessly handle an extensive range of outputs.

The Mimaki CG-60AR desktop cutter offers:

  • High cutting forces: With pressure up to 550g, it can cut through thick paper and cardboard, making it ideal for packaging and packaging mock-ups
  • Die-Cut feature: Cuts entire designs from paper, unlocking new possibilities in the packaging and papercraft markets
  • High cutting speed: Achieves best in class speeds up to 73cm/s
  • Optional creasing tool and table: Produce folding cartons and prototypes on heavyweight paper up to A3 size with the optional sheet table, cutting sheet, and creasing tool

Mimaki CG-AR desktop cutter next to a laptop

The Mimaki CG-60AR vinyl cutter is versatile in its performance, enabling the easy production of stickers, labels, wall décor, point-of-purchase displays, craftingpackagingvehicle graphics and, naturally, signage.

Visit the Mimaki CG-60AR desktop cutter product page for more details.